Juliana Rodrigues is a professional Dancer and Hybrid Arts Specialist, performer, filmmaker, and photographer based in Brazil.  Juliana has worked as a ballerina at Ballet Teatro Guaíra in Curitiba, Paraná for 13 years from August 2008 to January 2022. During this time she danced in the creations of a huge array of Brazilian and other choreographers including Olga Roriz (Portugal), Gustavo Ramirez (Spain), Roberto Scafati (Italy), Christoph Winkler (Germay) and Katja Wachter (Germany). Between January 2007 and July 2008 Juliana worked as a ballerina for Ballet de Londrina under the direction of Leonardo Ramos. She has worked at Ballet Jovem de Minas Gerais, for three years (2003 to 2005) with different choreographers and artists. 
During the past two years, a period of lock downs brought about by Covid, Juliana completed her own work projects with international composers from Europe and United States. The most significant of these to date in terms of output is with the renowned Irish composer Vincent Kennedy. The collaboration with Maestro Kennedy has led to the creation of a number of short dance films involving different styles shot in different places e.g. Juliana’s own home, the “Centro Cultural Teatro Guaíra”, and in socially different outdoor spaces. 
As a Hybrid Artist, Juliana creates and produces her own work. Since 2020, she has been creating several short videos every week with different themes and inspirations in which she expresses herself intensely and freely.  Juliana chooses the music, creates the choreography and then dances the dance having set up her cameras to capture the movement. She then edits the film and produces the short film herself using Adobe Creative on her Macbook. The film is then distributed across Juliana’s social media sites on Vimeo, Instagram and YouTube and also LinkedIn. Juliana’s films of her dancing to the music of Vincent Kennedy’s music when posted on LinkedIn have garnered over 30,000 views each time. 
Based on her professional career and the work involved in her short film projects, Juliana has created her own style and method, a method she calls "Art & Life".  "Art & Life" focuses on daily improvisations inspired by life principles to build well-being and freedom and reflect the artistic and human development within art.
In 2019, Juliana was awarded a Hybrid Arts Specialist Higher Degree from the University of UTFPR Curitiba, Paraná. She has holds a Bachelor of Dance Degree from Curitiba Unespar University.

Juliana Rodrigues.
 Professional Dancer and Hybrid Art Specialist 

"Art & Life" by Juliana Rodrigues. Emotions; Freedom; Strength ;Perseverance. Enjoy! Have a great day.
 Music: November by Max Richter

My work and method called "Art & Life" includes daily improvisations inspired by life principles, exploration of spaces, footage, angles, camera inputs and outputs, film editing ​​​​​​​ and video create.

"If you think you are outclassed, you are
You've got to think high to rise,
You've got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster,
But soon or late who wins
Is who thinks he can!"

 Walter D. Wintle
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